About Me

I discovered the sport of triathlon at the age of 40 and have been addicted ever since.   I was a collegiate swimmer but had been out of the water for nearly 20 years.  I was an avid runner building to marathons but was plaguing myself with injuries.

I started riding a bike as a form of cross training  in 2007 and soon there after a good friend encouraged me to try a Triathlon.  The rest, as they way, is history.  My first season I raced a sprint, Olympic and a 70.3 and promptly signed up for Ironman Coeur d’Alene.

With 14 Ironman races completed and – 5 in Kona, I know what Ironman is, what it takes and how to get you to the finish line or to the next level.

2016 I coached over 20 athletes to successful Ironman races, from first timers finishing to top 10 AG.

With my experience:

  • 11 years of triathlon racing
  • Mother of 2 who were 9 and 11 when I started so I understand the “balancing act” it takes to race and be a parent
  • Own 2 businesses, so I am balancing work and training and life
  • Wife- critical to keep the other ½ engaged and happy.  I often talk with my athletes spouses/partners to ensure we are all in this together
  • 14 Ironman races, 21 70.3 and numerous Sprint and Olympics I have been there- from DNF’ing to the race of my life.  I understand
  • 5 years of  triathlon coaching, 20+ years of swim coaching
  • Continuing education to ensure I am at the top of my game

I have learned a lot along the way; how to balance family and triathlon, how to deal with fatigue and training and life, how to deal with disappointment in racing and how to learn and get stronger it each race.

I hope you will allow me to lead your journey to achieving your goals!