Julie is excellent at juggling an athlete’s goals, family, and health. She can coach at any level and incorporate workouts and races to achieve goals even you didn’t think were possible. She is protective of an athlete’s health, and yet her vast experience shows just how much to push forward when you are hesitant, and pull back when you are too aggressive. She offers all her athletes a customized, unique, detailed schedule weekly through training peaks with the ability to shift workouts as life happens. Julie is attentive and quick to respond via text, email or phone daily. I would recommend her to any triathlete that needs a coach to help manage this all-consuming sport so you can reach your fullest potential while balancing the rest of your life.
Lisa Serrano
Julie is an amazing and tough coach who expects a lot from her athletes and gives a lot in return. In one year with her, I placed in the Top 10 in every Olympic and sprint triathlon I raced. She also coached me to two Ironman finishes and several 70.3 finishes. I improved in every discipline. And while Julie will definitely push you, she also believes in balance and in knowing her athletes well enough to understand when to push a little harder and when to back off. I often have big race dreams, and I love that Julie sits down with me and discusses them frankly—but never in a discouraging way. I couldn't ask for a better coach.
Alexis Barnes
I have had the pleasure and working with Julie for about 18 months now. Prior to meeting Julie I had played around with short distance triathlons and one 70.3 for several years with no coaching or professional guidance other than books and magazines. There is certainly a lot of information out there but working with a coach like Julie is priceless. Having played competitive sports my entire life and through college, the Dunkle coaching experience brought back all the competitive juices. She pushes you to new limits and provides that accountability you simply cannot squeeze out on your own or with a fitness coach who does not know what it is like to swim, bike and run for hours at a time. You will do things you did not think your body was capable of doing and during the course of training for a 70.3 or full IM you will have many personal achievements that make the journey incredibly rewarding. I am in my mid 30’s. I’m married with 2 young kids. I have a full time career. Julie has exceeded all my expectations in creating and adjusting to my real life schedule to design an ever evolving program that fits my life and has me fully prepared come race day. In addition to coaching the 3 events, she has tremendously deep knowledge of the elements that are not so obvious such as nutrition, recovery, balancing your body and maintenance. If you are looking to be pushed and take your triathlon experience to the next level, Julie will make that happen!
Greg Pieratt
Having Julie as a coach has helped me to improve tremendously as an age group triathlete. Every workout has a purpose and is customized and designed for me specifically. I have no doubt that she will more than prepare me both physically and mentally for any race that I participate in. Working with Julie as a coach has brought my training and racing to whole new level.
Jason M